What is the single-best boost you can give a space for the money? If you answered a fresh coat of paint, you’re correct! Beautifully hued walls add dimension, ambiance, and life to the rooms in your home.

The problem is that there are just this side of a gazillion colors of paint! It’s easy to get bogged down with the multitude of shades to choose from. And paint colors, just like colors used for home decor or clothing, go in and out of style.

If you’re looking for the perfect paint color for your home, think about these hot colors first.

Beautiful, Brilliant Blues

Blue is a color that’s always in style in some form. This versatile hue is one of the best paint colors for bedrooms but can be successfully used in any room in the house. Misty blues are perfect for children’s rooms and also create a calm, spa-feel for bathrooms. Medium blue lends an elegance to areas like dining rooms. On the more playful side, a hue that leans more toward turquoise can create an easy-going, casual vibe for kitchens and living areas.

Glorious, Gracious Greens

Adding luxury and vibrancy to a space is easy with green paint colors. If you’re new to painting your walls a color besides white or beige, opt for a lighter green to bring a charm and warmth to the space. Muted tones such as sage are basic but still add an appealing dimension to spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. Dark greens can create a calm, relaxing atmosphere and be a wonderful complement to rugs and artwork that have hints of brighter colors. Bedrooms especially look rich and luxurious with dark green walls.

Outstanding, Opulent Oranges

The thought of using orange as a paint color may have you thinking “slow down there, now” because of its bold tone. Don’t be afraid! Orange works wonders in creating a dynamic, energetic space that’s warm and inviting. Use bright orange as a dining room paint color to refresh you and your family. It’s also a perfect hue for an office room or other space where you want to inspire creativity. Experiment with more subtle shades of orange like a terracotta hue for your study or reading nook, or lighter, brighter tones like coral and melon for more casual kitchens. If an entire room painted orange still gives you pause, start out by painting a single wall with orange and use it as an accent wall with three lighter-toned walls.

Wealthy, Warm Wood Tones

All things wood in home design are smoking-hot right now. Use a medium-brown paint with lighter window treatments and furniture to finish off a noteworthy living room. Or choose more of a gray wood tone and pare it with colored kitchen cabinets for a truly unique statement. Wood-toned paint is beautiful in every room of the house.

Before you get carried away with the hot paint colors of this year, carefully think about your choice. Other considerations for paint colors for home interiors are:

Contemplate the look of the entire home. Before settling on a room’s paint color, think about how that hue will fit in with the rest of your home. While every room doesn’t need to completely match, complementary colors along the same tones create an updated, cohesive feel to a house’s space.

Take your personal taste into account. Don’t just blindly follow the trends without regard to what you personally prefer. If your taste is sophisticated, opt for dark or muted colors. If you’re more bohemian and casual, bright tones are more in-tune with your style. Classic preferences are met nicely with light-colored, neutral paint.

Base your choice on your goal. Before you get your roller out and start painting, think about your space and its function. A bathroom where you take long, relaxing soaks should probably not be painted vibrant yellow or orange. A room where you work or study should be painted bold, invigorating colors that inspire your mind. You’ll hit the mark with your paint colors by considering these points.

Test it first! The most charming and delightful color in the paint store may end up being atrocious in your space. Even though it takes a bit of time, buy a small sample and test an area of your room. Look at it at different times of day to see how the light changes the shade in the room. Compare it to the furnishings in the space to see if it blends and complements nicely. Don’t skip this step!

There are a variety of blazing hot paint colors that are sure to update and freshen any room in your home. By choosing ones that mesh with each other, your personal taste, and your current furniture, you’ll create a space that embodies the ambiance and vibe you were trying to achieve.

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