Our Mission

Our mission at The Real Estate Firm is to “recruiteducate and retain agents that will professionally and ethically add value to their clients and to their community.” We accomplish this by arming our agents with our unparalleled arsenal of tools, training and guidance. With these assets, our agents have the edge they need to successfully cultivate their business.

Our vow, Real Estate A Different Way, starts with our agent-centric business model. Every decision we make must be good for the brokerage but GREAT for the agent. This assessment ensures that our company stays focused on our agents and what they need to thrive in the competitive world of real estate.

Real Estate A Different Way™

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The Real Estate Firm offers sensible, competitive commission splits. We charge absolutely no fees of any kind!


Training is a useful and necessary tool to expand your business. We offer bi-weekly comprehensive training classes.


We know that your time is valuable. Our support staff will take care of inputting and auditing all of your contract paperwork.


As a brokerage, we regularly participate in local charities and community events that are important to our agents!


In order to help you grow your business, we offer free loaner signs and lockboxes, branding videos, business cards, and so much more!


TREF’s Introcentive™ program is an amazing way to reward our agents for helping grow our TREF family.

Tech and Tools

Technology is an essential part of real estate. This is why we never charge technology or printing/copying fees.

Our Culture

The Real Estate Firm has vowed to do Real Estate a Different Way™. Come experience our unique culture. You’ll love your new family!

What Our Agents Are Saying

Coming to work with Dagan Greene and The Real Estate Firm was the best decision I have ever made regarding my career. Dagan’s help and guidance have been invaluable in becoming a successful Real Estate Professional. Knowing Dagan has faith in me as a professional gives me the motivation to achieve the absolute best.

Linda Julian

Managing Broker, The Real Estate Firm

Linda Julian has helped me a ton getting started and answered so many of my questions. If you want to tips on navigating the MLS more efficiently or want to understand the TAR forms better, come join us. It also helps to hear the war stories from savvy real estate veterans to be prepared for situations we may run into down the road.

Ben Headrick

Affiliate Broker, The Real Estate Firm

As an agent this place is a cut above the rest. As far as fair splits and fees go this is a REALLY fair place to work but keep reading. I do a lot of research before making a decision and this place was one of the best I found, but that is not why I chose to hang my license here. After talking to a few agents who worked here they genuinely said the loved it. If you are still not convinced that this is the place for you to hang your license then call me. I would be happy to tell you more. 100% sold that this is the best brokerage in East TN.

Dustin Weaver

Affiliate Broker, The Real Estate Firm

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