Is your house a bit too small for entertaining a crowd? Or do you simply gravitate toward the warm weather and summer breeze?

While many people plan their outdoor events in the backyard, the front yard is coming in as strong competition. The argument here is, if you have a big, nice front yard, why not use it?

Entertaining outside is fun, casual, and welcoming. If you’ve never thrown a gathering in the front of your home, or if you just feel like you could be better at it, read on for seven easy ways to do front-yard entertaining like a pro.

  1. Extend Your Living Room

    One advantage to entertaining in your front yard is that you can bring your inside atmosphere out your front door. Create a gathering space on your front porch, if you have one, by adding comfortable chairs, hanging baskets of plants, and tables for food and drink. Some more front porch decorating ideas are to include several cozy throws for guests to snuggle under if the night turns chilly, and some battery-powered lanterns to turn on that are more intimate than porch lights.

    If you don’t have a porch, add some seating outside your front door that’s inviting for friends and neighbors to hang out and visit. That way, you can throw open your front door and have an instant area for a get-together.

  2. Do Some Driveway Drinking

    Another option is to transform your driveway into a meeting space. Add some comfortable chairs, a couple of coolers filled with refreshing libations, and a grill. Serve up some yummy summer foods from the garden, if you have one, or grill up traditional hamburgers and hotdogs. Add some music from your smart device, and a boring old driveway changes into an impromptu mini-nightclub under the stars.

  3. Add Some Friendly Competition

    Everyone loves spending time outdoors during warm weather to play games. Add a horseshoe pit, a corn hole board, or a giant game of Jenga. If you have room, set up a basketball hoop or a volleyball net to really encourage some action.

    For those who are less inclined to break a sweat, bring a table out on the porch or lawn and get a game of cards going. These are all fun ways to interact with friends and neighbors and enjoy the summer months together in your front yard.

  4. Set Up Some Gathering Places

    A good party encourage visiting with others to tell jokes and catch up. Your front yard needs spaces that promote socializing with one another. Set up a few small tables with brightly colored tablecloths and whimsical, but bug-deterring, candles for centerpieces. String lights in the trees and around the front of the home or install solar lights so everyone can stay and enjoy themselves even when it gets dark. If you have a porch, add some cushioned seats or rocking chairs for your guest to kick back and visit.

  5. Install A Sandbox and A Swing

    A sandbox is an irresistible form of entertainment for children. Buy some sand at a local hardware store and either purchase a sandbox or, if you’re handy, build one. The kids will spend hours building tunnels, castles, sand pies, and other interesting structures fueled by their imaginations.

    If you have a tree, get a tire swing. Pick a sturdy branch, tie a rope, and hang a tire. This is an inexpensive way to delight kids of all ages and create a fun environment in your front yard.

  6. Get A Little Shady

    The summer months are wonderful to spend outdoors, but they can get stiflingly hot. Make sure your guests are comfortable, even if you don’t have a covered porch, by creating some shade. Add an awning to your porch, or set up a tailgating tent over the chairs in your yard. For more permanent shade, plant some fast-growing trees in your front yard. Another fun option is to purchase some bold umbrellas with stands and put them in your yard, outdoor restaurant-style.

    In addition to shade, set up a water stand so everyone stays hydrated. Set out a large container of water along with bowls of sliced lemons and limes, and let your guests help themselves.

  7. Lay A Path

    It’s important to attract visitors with a fun, inviting atmosphere, but you also need to control the flow of traffic. Many people are hesitant to traipse through your well-maintained lawn. Add some cool stepping stones around your front yard to encourage guests to walk around and interact with others. Start with a path from your driveway to your porch, and then add other paths in the directions of your gathering spots. Paths are charming and help you increase party mingling within small groups.

    Fun, outdoor parties that neighbors and friends enjoy shouldn’t be limited to your back yard. Take some of these tips and make them reality for the front of your home this summer. You’ll find that everyone has just as much fun, and you may just make some new friends out of the neighbors passing by.

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