Whether you’re a social media marvel or you barely look at your Facebook page, you probably know the potential of social media channels. You may be super busy, network all the time, and receive leads every day. But you can still do more.

If you want to develop a new avenue for reaching potential leads and building your brand, Instagram is one of the best vehicles. Real estate Instagram posts can help you sell more houses easier than you can imagine.

Here are the top tips for managing a real estate agent Instagram account successfully.

Choose A Clever, But Recognizable, Username

Building your new Instagram account starts with your username. Choose one that easily identifies but doesn’t pigeonhole you. Avoid using the company you work for as part of your name. What if you decide to work for someone else? Then the following you’ve built is wasted! Good ideas are to use your name and something about real estate. “TinaToddSellsHomes” or “BrianJonesRealEstate” provides recognition as an agent and explains what you do. Steer away from overly corporate-sounding usernames, because people like working with people, not companies. Give the impression that you are friendly and approachable, without being silly.

Promote the Page Consistently

Designing your profile and starting to post is good, but that is only part of what makes successful real estate Instagram accounts. Make it as visible as possible. Encourage your followers on your other social media accounts to follow your Instagram account. Print your username on your business cards and add it to your email signature. Tag it onto any print advertising you do and put it on the for-sale flyers you use during open houses. Marketing your Instagram account consistently will build a strong base of followers and will result in its continual increase over time.

Now we need to discuss your posts.

A (Great) Picture Is Worth A Million Words

There’s no easier way to showcase a home’s best points than with a high-quality photo. On the flip side, nothing turns a buyer off like a dark, blurry picture. Learn how to use your smart phone to take fantastic photos of your listings. Invest in an editing software program so that you can make the images flattering and appealing.

Not a talented photographer? Then find a professional to snap your photos for you. Yes, it’s THAT important.

Post the photos with a catchy, attention-getting caption. If you’re advertising a home-buying seminar or an open house, add the link for more details and directions. Think about creating “stories” that walk your audience through the home.

High quality photos on Instagram are powerful, but…

 Videos May Be Worth Even More

Short videos, under a minute, assist the homebuyer in connecting with the house before stepping foot in it. Use your creativity! Showcase why this house is unique, interesting offerings from the neighborhood, or its best-selling points. Adding videos to your Instagram real estate marketing plan will increase your interactions and may just secure you a buyer.

Learn to Embrace Hashtags

Hashtags may seem confusing, but they are invaluable in marketing your real estate business on Instagram. Think of them as mini search engines. Someone looking to buy a home uses them to find information. Instead of having to take the time to rank for SEO, hashtags do it for you on the spot in Instagram. There are rules for using hashtags to get the most out of them. For example, they need to always be relevant to the post.

Brainstorm a list of hashtags that would help promote your brand, the homes you sell, and your area. Choose five of them for every post. These can be features about the home, the area, open houses, and yourself. Be sure to change up the hashtags by adding ones relevant to your image, as Instagram penalizes accounts that use the same group of hashtags in every post.

Make the “Next Step” Easy

Don’t be sales-y on Instagram but do make it easy for your audience to buy from you. Offer at least two ways they can contact you on your profile, and use posts to drive people to your website, or to contact you.

Real estate Instagram marketing is one of the best ways to sell more houses this year and beyond, with no increase in spending. By creating a professional but approachable profile, marketing it consistently, and sharing high-quality photos and videos with relevant hashtags, you’ll build the follower base you want. Strengthen your brand and increase your visibility by taking the plunge into Instagram!

Building your brand by taking control of your Instagram account is almost as important as choosing the right real estate agent. Any of our certified agents at The Real Estate Firm can walk you through buying or selling your residential or commercial property with ease and clarity, keeping you in control. Our agents are devoted to making the home-buying experience a stress-free one. Contact us by calling 865-770-4030 or fill out our online form to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.