As the days get shorter and the trees change colors, we know fall is on its way. That means hot chocolate, snuggly sweaters, and football games.

Sometimes it seems that fall decor is pushed aside in favor of four months of Christmas. Rebel against that trend! If you want to savor the fall months and soak up the cozy, cool ambiance of this time of year, here are 10 fall decorating ideas for your outdoor space.

Favorite Flowers

Don’t mistakenly believe you must give up flowers once summer says goodbye. Autumn may be cooler, but there are many plants that thrive in the fall months. Purchase some mums and add them to clay pots to sit on your front porch. Use large tin vases of sunflowers to brighten your patio table. Or pot some pansies in window boxes to enjoy for months to come.

Pleasing Pumpkins

Nothing says fall has arrived like pumpkins. The sight and smell of them permeate the season in a warm, comforting way. Why not use them in your decoration? Set large pumpkins on the steps of your porch or arrange a whimsical arrangement around your mailbox. You may even want to get creative and stack a few, writing your house number or last name on them as a sign. Used alone or as part of an ensemble, pumpkins add an enjoyable fall atmosphere to any space.

Simple Signs

Buy a piece of wood or tin and go about making an ornamental sign. Use “Welcome” “Harvest” or any other fall-like salutation you think of. Set it on your porch or hang it up so everyone can enjoy your creativity and the warm thoughts behind your message.

Wonderful Wreaths

Fall decorating ideas wouldn’t be complete without a mention of wreaths. Virtually anything can be used to craft a wreath. Ribbons, pinecones, twigs, leaves, flowers, and lights can be added to a wreath that will adorn your front door beautifully. You may even want to add some small gourds into the mix for extra charm. Don’t worry if you’re not handy with a glue gun, your local craft store will most likely have a nice variety of pre-made ones.

Luminous Lighting

With days getting shorter, fall is a time when lighting is more important than ever. Find some charming tin lanterns and set them around your porch or patio. You can also string some clear lights around your porch railing or run them down your steps to light your way. The idea here is to use soft light so it adds to the charm of cool autumn evenings.

Smashing Scarecrows

Turn your outdoor decorating up a notch with some sassy scarecrows. Add them to a fall display or stand them on your porch to give a jaunty hello to passers-by. They will undoubtedly become a neighborhood favorite.

Rustic Accessories

Think about how you can creatively add elements of surprise to your decor. An old wheel, a piece of picket fence, a red wagon, or a wooden ladder can all be anchors for an outstandingly charming decor idea. Antique washtubs, watering cans, and relaxing fountains are also great ideas to take your fall decorating up a notch this season.

Beautiful Baskets

There are a hundred ways to use baskets in your outdoor spaces that are both lovely and functional. Pile up some small pumpkins in a woven basket to complete your fall look. Or, hang them and add some vibrant flowers to your deck or porch. Baskets come in all sizes and shapes, so you’re bound to find some that fit in with your theme.

Mixed Materials

The great aspect of fall is that it’s not bland and sparse. The variety of colors and shapes make it fun to decorate, and you should use this to your advantage. Don’t settle for one color or type of material. Mix metal with wood, add in some cloth, and top it off with organic plants, pumpkins, and gourds. By blending these materials, you end up with a unique look that’s all your own.

Pretty Prints

Finally, find some prints that work with your theme. They may be abstract or muted. Plaid is a safe go-to pattern for fall decor. Use them in tablecloths, throws for your outdoor seating, or ribbons to adorn your flowerpots and baskets. Don’t forget your flooring. Add a rug in a print that ties all of your other elements together nicely.

Using some or all of these fall decorating ideas for your outdoor space will enable you to relax and enjoy the comfortable, cozy days and nights of the next few months. Start planning your decor now, and your home will be the most charming one in your neighborhood!