Nothing starts your day off on the wrong foot like digging through a messy closet trying to find your other shoe. If you never thought you could be one of those people who maintain an organized, clutter-free closet, you’re wrong! With a little planning, you will be a closet-organizing pro in no time!

These are a dozen of our favorite ways to maximize closet space in time for spring cleaning.

Figure Out What You Have

Knowing what you own is the beginning of the organization process and actually may save you money in the long run because you’ll inventory your belongings and won’t go buy a duplicate. Start several piles. First, make a pile for every person in the house, and then separate that with sub piles. If this seems overwhelming, only work on it for a couple of hours each day.

This means you need to…

Take It All Out

You can’t see exactly what you have if it’s all still crammed in your closet. Remove every single thing and add it to a pile. Chances are good there will be stuff stashed in one closet that belongs in another. You might even find things that you thought you had lost forever.


You’re going to need to get rid of lots of stuff. Purging helps you start fresh and stay organized. The good news is you can get a tax deduction along the way by donating what you no longer need. Items in good shape will be welcomed at your local charity. Call to find out who will accept what you have and deliver the items that day. Prolonging the drop-off may lead to them making their way back into your closet.

For worn out or out of style items, you need to bite the bullet and…


Yes, you looked like a million bucks in it a decade ago, but it’s clogging your closet! Be ruthless in culling what you can’t or don’t wear or use. Buy a case of large black trash bags and use them so that once you trash an item, you won’t be able to see it. Shove them in your trash can and haul them to the curb. You’ll be thankful you did.

Now that you’ve gotten rid of what you no longer needed, you need to maximize your space.

Re-Organize Sensibly

Think about how to make your space work best for you. Hang work clothes together, for example. Find a way to display your shoes so they are easy to find.

Getting organized so you can take advantage of every inch of space probably means you will…

Purchase Storage Solutions

Bins, shelves, and boxes help you fit more stuff in your closets AND keep them organized at the same time. When choosing these, think about the stuff that will fit in each one. Everything you’re keeping should have its own place.

Clean and Vacuum

Now that you’ve chosen what you want to keep, it’s time to freshen up your musty closet. Wash the walls, paying special attention to the baseboards. Dust all the shelves, and thoroughly vacuum the carpet. Feeling extra motivated? Apply a fresh coat of paint.

Utilize Vertical Space

Closets offer lots of vertical space that frequently goes unused. Install some nails and hang your hats and neckties and some hooks to hang your jewelry and handbags. These items take less room hanging and you will be able to locate them more quickly than if they were stuffed in a drawer.

Install Storage

Read the directions on all the storage solutions you purchased for the closets. Place the baskets, bins, and organizers where you planned.

Put It Back In

Start transferring the piles into your closets one piece at a time. Continue weeding things out if you missed something you no longer use. Have patience with this step, because the way you organize it now sets the tone on how long and how well it stays uncluttered and manageable in the days ahead.

Subscribe to “One In, One Out” Rule

Now that you’ve committed to maximizing your closet space, you should limit your shopping for items to those you really need. If you purchase an item, get rid of an old item. Yes, it sounds harsh, but maintaining the same amount of possessions helps you stay organized and keeps your closets maintained.

Commit to Keeping It Neat

Once your closets are organized and you have maximized your space, avoid throwing clothes into the bottom of the closet in a rush, or pushing things into a closet because company is coming over. Take an extra few seconds to put everything back in its place. That way, you can find it when you need it, and it doesn’t snowball into a closet disaster.

Since most of us don’t have closets with unlimited space, we have to take advantage of what we do have. By decluttering and using helpful storage solutions, and not falling victim to over-shopping, you will be able to stay organized and find what you need in your newly organized space.

If you find your closet is still cramped for space, despite your best organizing efforts, it is possible that you may just need a bigger closet. If you are contemplating selling your home to purchase a new home with large, walk-in closets that can accommodate all of your family’s items in a more manageable way, consider speaking to one of our agents at The Real Estate Firm. While cleaning your closets may feel like a chore, buying and selling a home shouldn’t, and we will make it as stress-free as possible. Our skilled agents will guide you through each step from preparing your property for the market to finding a new home in a great neighborhood for your family. Contact us by calling 865-770-4030 or fill out our online form to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.