When you want to sell a home fast, there are many steps that hasten the process. Unfortunately, sellers can also sabotage a speedy purchase without realizing they’re doing it. Make a couple of mistakes and a house that should have sold in days might languish for weeks on the market or end up bringing thousands of dollars less than expected. Here are some mistakes you should avoid making when you’re trying to sell your home.

Setting the Price Too High

Homeowners tend to think their home is worth more than it is. Too hefty a price tag might end up attracting fewer buyers that are shopping in your price range and derail a fast sell. Ask your agent for recommendations on pricing and check out recent comps close to your home. Thinking carefully about your asking price is critical for attracting promising buyers.

Selling at A Bad Time of Year

Attempting to sell your house in winter can leave you frustrated and buyer-less. The cold weather, short gray days, and winter holidays all discourage home buying. If you can wait, postpone putting your house on the market until spring and summer. Starting in April, you will enjoy more buyers and may even be able to sell for several thousands of dollars more than during December, January, and February.

Ignoring Needed Repairs

Thinking that buyers will look over that broken door knob, burned out lightbulb, or scuffed baseboard sets you up for disaster. Buyers are going to comb over your house inch by inch, and broken items or ill-fitting doors will set off red flags. After all, if you’ve let these things fall into disrepair, what else have you let go that could end up costing them money down the road? Either handle it yourself or hire a handyman to fix everything both inside and out that doesn’t work or is broken before selling your home.

Letting Your Emotions Impact Your Actions

You may be moving to a new city, or a family addition requires more room than your current home offers. The decision to move may be a difficult one. Even if you love your current home and cherish your memories, you can’t put those into the negotiations. Being unrealistic in pricing and other stipulations or dragging your feet in responding to offers are big mistakes sellers make when they have conflicted feelings about moving. If you feel sad about selling, lean on your agent to assist in the negotiations and guide you to act in your best interests.

Leaving Clutter and Personal Effects Out

One of a seller’s main goals is to help buyers see themselves living and being comfortable in the home they’re viewing. Tons of personal effects makes that difficult to do. So does a bunch of clutter. Ruthlessly pare down the clutter in every room and remove as many personal items as possible without making the space look empty. Showcase the space, lighting, and other aspects of the house itself, not your decorating preferences, soccer trophies, or wedding photos.

Forgetting to Clean

Nothing turns a buyer off like dirt and grime. An unkept home, no matter how roomy and great the location, is likely to send most buyers out the door. Thoroughly clean before every showing. Mop and vacuum floors, dust everything, shine appliances and mirrors, and wipe down showers and bathtubs. A clean home helps buyers focus on the features of the home, instead of the dead bugs on the windowsill or the suspicious hairs on the sink.

Using Amateur Photographs

The majority of buyers decide whether to visit a listing by the pictures they see online. Assuming they will see the potential in your house even if the photos are dark or fuzzy is just plain wrong. Mediocre pictures or those that don’t show the house in the best lighting will push buyers to the next home on their list. Invest in a real estate professional photographer who understands how to work with rooms and lighting to create photos that show off your home’s best points.

Not Seeing Your House As A Buyer Would

You might have gotten used to the bare walls, saggy chair, or pile of shoes in the hallway. But your buyer will see them before anything else. Take a lesson from the pros and do some home staging. Bring in some fresh live plants, open your blinds, fluff your throw pillows, and light some candles. Help the buyer see how great it would be to live there.

Deciding You Don’t Need An Agent

It may seem tempting to try selling your home yourself, but don’t make that decision. Not only do agents help you with priceless advice on how to show your home, they bring more potential buyers to your home and assist you with the dozens of details that arise all the way to closing day. Avoid the stress of for-sale-by-owner and find a reputable agent. At The Real Estate Firm, we do real estate in a different way by providing each client with our highest level of personal attention.

To sell a home fast, you need to make it as attractive, clean, and welcoming as possible. By being aware of and avoiding the things that WON’T help your home sell, you will enjoy lots of interest and hopefully receive multiple offers. Contact us today for a stress-free, rewarding real estate experience.